Celebrating the 2nd Anniversary & the man of The All Around Booking Agency Mr. Craig M. Lynch.

Mr. Craig M. Lynch was born to the late Mr. & Mrs. Bennie (Barbara) Lynch of Tyler, Texas. He is the youngest sibling of 4 children; Debbie Lynch-Williams, Sidney Lynch, and Randy Lynch. Craig is the father of Blake Lynch, Destiny Lynch, and Chyna A. Lynch.

In his early years, Craig attended the Jackson Elementary School and the Chapel Hill High School in Chapel Hill, Tx. He graduated High School and continued his education at the Weatherford Jr. College in Weatherford, Tx, where he studied Criminal Justice. Although he had a love for Basketball in his school years, and enjoys the Game of Pool, there is no comparison to his love and passion for the music of Southern Soul Blues.

During his young adult life, Craig realized that working for a company and holding a 9 to 5, did not bring him the joy and satisfaction as being his own boss. As many would say, Craig was not the typical young man that went along with the traditional way of doing things. He stepped out on Faith and pursued the quest of becoming the Entrepreneur he is today in the field of a music lover's dream.

The Beginning
Hired by Mr. Benny G as a DJ in 1994-2002 at the Legendary El Greco Club in Kilgore, Tx. Craig went from popping mixtapes and hyping the crowd with the microphone in his hand, to working under Mr. J C Johnson from 2002 to 2006. During this time, Craig began promoting the Southern Soul Shows. His first time promoting for Mr. J C Johnson was Sir Charles Jones. Craig had the opportunity to work with Legendary Artists such as Marvin Cease, Shirley Brown, Zapp and Theodis Ealy to name a few. In 2006, Craig branched off and did his first independent show at the Chicken Ranch in Tyler, Texas, where he booked and promoted Mr. Mel Waiters.

Craig decided at this time, he would begin his new found career of Promoting Shows, thus starting the C31 Productions. The significance of the C31 Productions is that Craig was 31, and he was born and raised on Hwy 31, Tyler, Texas. During this time of becoming a full Entrepreneur, Craig discovered that there would be "Moments of Pleasure" & "Years of Pain". However, realizing that in order to become one of the greatest to do it, he had to preserve through it all. No pain, no gain, thus thrusting forward from 2018 as a promoter to 2019 starting the All Around Booking Agency.

As It Is...
The All Around Booking Agency was created with the artist in mind as well as the people that come out to support and help drive the music industry. From helping the Stars Shine Bright to the people that come out to have a good time in the name and legacy of all musicians.

He has also brought the first Comedy Show to Tyler, Texas with the well-known Comedian, Nephew Tommy which included comedians "Jr" & Dee Ellis.

Mr. Craig M. Lynch has created an agency that is transparent to booking DJs, bands and artists from all over, as well as booking for various venues. His list of artist that he has booked and promoted events for included but not limited to Silk, H-Town, TK Soul, Jeter Jones, Adrian Bagher, "Coldrank", Tyree Neal, Johnny James, Magic One, LJ Echols, Sir Charles Jones, The Don, Fat Daddy, P2K, Billie Suede McCall, Uncle Wayne & Cool Rickey Blues.

"If he's in your Town, it's going down with All Around" is Craig's most memorable saying of his booking agency. His mission is to represent the artists with his unique core values while helping boost their careers by offering vast opportunities of connections and continued work in this field of the music industry. Working with artists and managers directly, venue owners and radio stations in most states and cities have allowed the All Around Booking Agency to become a well-known booking agency. Amongst other community initiatives and roles, Mr. Craig Lynch worked as an event coordinator for the Black Chamber of Commerce and the Juneteenth Association of Tyler Texas for 10 years.

The All Around Booking Agency is known for far more beyond booking Southern Soul Concerts & parties. Being a down-to-earth, people-loving person, Mr. Lynch has remained committed to being an active businessman that believes in giving back and pouring into other individual and businesses. Having great ties with the communities around the state of Texas, Mr. Craig Lynch has extended his brand to involving in community initiatives and drives. Doing so, he has promoted such drives as the Breast Cancer Awareness concert for the Louisiana Soul Brothers, The Annual Back To School Drive for the Jackson Elementary School, and his company is also a loyal promoter and supporter for the Annual Jackson Community Riders. His motto is he wants to see "Everyone Win".

The Teams
The All Around Booking Agency is composed of The Loyalty Ladies of All Around Booking Agency, which came into existence and established in 2020 between two close friends Kimberly and Craig that have developed a sisterly & brotherly bond over their shared love in the Love of Southern Soul Music. These Loyalty Ladies represent the brand to the fullest. Their commitment and loyalty to the brand and everything it represents as a business and by ensuring it remains a household name in the music industry is true at heart and displayed wherever the ladies travel to. For the events they help support, promote partake in, the shows, artist support and all community initiatives. We support the southern soul movement and also community activities such as feeding the homeless, donating Christmas gifts to the needy children also participating in coat drives to give boys and girls coats, hats, socks etc. These ladies in this group work hard and uphold the name we carry...

With great vision and limitless possibilities of the growth and the All Around Booking Agency, Craig has extended the business to include the All Around Band, established in 2021. Adding a "live" band to perform solo and in conjunction with the agency's long-term and hottest DJ, Mr. DJ "Boy Fresh". Adding this flavor will allow the DJ and band the opportunity to perform for and with various artist, thus setting new heights for the Agency.

On behalf of the All Around Booking Agency, we would like to thank each and every one of you for your continued support and for believing in the brand. As we continue to grow across the United States, working with talented artists and various businesses, we will always strive to be the number 1 Booking Agency bringing good & safe entertainment. Remember, If the agency, family & friends of All Around is in your town, it's going down!


The CEO Mr. Craig M. Lynch